Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Guys & Dolls - a thought in progress

Well since no one else is saying it, I'm going to:  If Hillary loses, either in the primary or the general, is the marriage finished?  

I really want to address all of these political marriages amongst the running-for-prez class.  I'd wager they're all nearly as complicated as the Clintons' only we don't happen to know it.  I've been suspect of John Edwards (aside from the obvious reasons) ever since his wife Elizabeth's new diagnosis, after which he/they chose to remain in the race.  You would think, there's nothing to focus the mind like a cancer diagnosis.  Really makes you want to stop everything and do only what's most important.  Spend your time together.  Relax, enjoy being a family, a couple.  I guess we don't all react the same way, now do we?