Thursday, January 17, 2008

Poor Obsessed Chris Matthews

Yes, I know, everyone's piling on Chris -- and not without reason.  But I think most of them are missing the point.  I get that the men don't get it, but the women -- come on, girls, is this not obvious?

When a man calls a woman, whom he cannot have, a "strip-tease," there's more going on here than a policy difference about nuances of the S-CHIP.  Chris is hitting Hillary below the belt because that's where she's hitting him.  DUH!  The one thing she shouldn't be doing is taking it all too seriously.  By all means, go on Hardball, take his questions, play along, but have a little sympathy for the boy with the crush on his college prof.  But be feminine, and if anything, a bit of a tease.  Nothing will disarm him more quickly than showing up the ludicrousness of the nature of his attacks.

And just for the Inaugural Ball (can you guess whom I think will win?) she should dance with him.  Very, very slowly.   ;)

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